Your Logo here

Your Navigation Here If You Want...  This is just an example...

Some Content Here But Height Should Be No More Then 100px And 95% Width...
Anytime you create tables in pixels your risking your site not being mobile friendly, but if you create a table and the width is in percentages it can form to fit a mobile device. I recommend just adding the iframes which are configured in percentages instead of pixels, plus having the iframes side by side, a mobile user will see 1 frame at a time starting with the first one. You can just add this to an existing webpage, or create another webpage and add your logo, content and footer section, it's up to you how you want it...

Demo Here...

This is where you place the Top iframe...
The border is only colored for you to see how large the iframe is..
This is where your add link form buttons go...

This is just tables with the borders
colored in for you to see how the
iframe set next to each other
without spaces. You don't want to
use tables because tables make
pages load slower and Google will
not pick you up in their search with
to many tables on a page, so it's
to just place the iframes side by

Iframe 1 should be placed here!

Iframe 2 should be placed here!

Iframe 3 should be placed here!

Iframe 4 should be placed here!

Optional: You can place the top iframe here also if you want...

To use these iframes, you must contact me on my contact page telling me what site/sites you are putting these on because I would like to know how many users are using them. I will have a count on the front page of how many sites these are on. When webmasters see how many users of these iframes, they will also want them on their site and this will help everyone. I will also add your link to some of my sites.

Your content here!

Your footer section below!

To get started, go to my front page at the bottom and click contact and send me your url where you are going to place these on.
I will send you a link to get the iframes asap....Thank you